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Executive Package

Our most complete service.  Manuscript review, editing services, proofreading, promotional package, and formatting.  Includes one year of integrity reviews post publishing date.

Executive Package

This complete package provides you, the author, with everything you need from the start of your project.  Bringing an editor into the project early means you can catch errors and ideas quickly, always have someone to bounce ideas off, and can integrate developmental edits right into the process.  

In this package you will receive: 

  • Complete developmental, style, and copy editing services.  

  • Full style guide for the series or book (if standalone).

  • Up to two beta readers providing full notes on the manuscript.  

  • Multiple proofreaders providing extra eyes to catch those small errors. 

  • Editing of promotional material including query packages.  

  • Formatting for eBook and print.

  • Integrity reviews as necessary for one year post publishing to protect your work. 


To make sure everything is consistent and well edited, we can also support you by working with and connecting you to

  • Cover designers, graphic designers, etc. 

  • Designers for promotional materials, book, and teasers 

Executive editing packages are completely customized to the author's needs and timeline.  Please fill out an inquiry form or contact me for more information.

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