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Hi, I'm Shannan!

I'm a reader first, getting lost in a good book is everything!  I fell in love with books at an early age and fell deep and hard for the romance book world. 


Transitioning my editing focus and expertise to the romance genre has been an incredible journey filled with love and amazing people. In this world of steamy romances, I wish to help authors showcase their incredible talents in every manuscript. 


I’m blessed and I want to share my love for helping make amazing books with incredible authors.  


Editing Done Well, With a Personal Touch

I love a good romance. Helping bring steamy new book boyfriends and hot romances into this world gets me going. 


In today's crazy book world, an author needs an editor that works hard, understands the author's process, and respects the author's voice in the manuscript. 

I am driven to work with authors who have their own passion for sharing pieces of their dreams and their souls through the words they write. As a freelance editor, I'm here to support authors or aspiring authors of romance including all sub-genres.  


Services including a full range of evaluation, editing, and formatting. Customized to meet your needs as an author, whatever stage of the writing process you are in.

One thing to know about Shannan is that she’s not just an editor, she’s actually the full package. A hidden gem that I'm pleased to have found. I’ve been working with her for a few months now and I’ve been very impressed with her research and time she puts into her work!

J.L. Drake

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